• PCs that won’t let you down!
    These PCs are the perfect way to jump straight into the game.
  • For gamers who want it all!
    These PCs hold nothing back, providing peak function and looking good doing it.
  • All eyes will be on your PC!
    These PCs balance optimal performance and distinctive styles that stand out from the crowd.
  • Minimal space, maximum performance!
    Good things certainly come in small packages when it comes to these PCs.

Who are we?

Thermaltake Gaming Systems offers bespoke PCs, suited for all different kinds of people, from competitive gamers to content creators and everyone else in between. Established in 1999, Thermaltake began its life as the leading specialists in PC air cooling. Thermaltake has since then expanded to other computer hardware and peripheral categories, such as: cases, power supplies, liquid cooling and now gaming PCs! We offer a total, stress-free PC solution that utilises the most advanced hardware, and the latest in cooling technology.

Don’t stress, we’ve got you!

We design each system from the ground up. Ensuring each component is perfectly optimised, to help maintain system stability while boosting overall PC performance. Each system is built in-house by a team of local experienced technicians, who also put each PC through stringent, and rigorous quality assurance testing before being sent out to their new homes. All our systems also come with a handy 2-year warranty, for that extra peace of mind.

Customer feedback
  • ‘’I'm a variety streamer and play a lot of resource draining games in ultra settings and my Thermaltake PC doesn't miss a beat! It runs so quiet that if it wasn't for the RGB fans I wouldn't know it was on! ‘’
    - David "C3nturion9"
  • "The hardest thing about setting this computer up was deciding what to play"
    - Daniel
  • "Great PC. Run's quiet and fast. No bloatware installed on the OS, which is a welcome change from pre build machines.The lighting gives a nice effect without looking tacky as many other high end PC's tend to look."
    - Rob H