Established in 1999, Thermaltake began its life as the leading specialists in air cooling. Assigning ourselves the mission of delivering the perfect user experience, Thermaltake has since then expanded to other computer hardware and peripheral categories. Including but not limited to : cases, power supplies, liquid cooling and now gaming memory!
Thermaltake has always strived to provide the best PC DIY builder experience, providing the best options for both amateur and experienced builders. Our mission is now including a new kind of bleeding-edge tech consumer. Where we can offer a total, stress-free PC solution that utilises the most advanced hardware, using the latest in cooling technology. LCGS (Liquid Cooled Gaming System) is us at Thermaltake offering bespoke PCs, suited for all different kinds of professionals.
We design each system from the ground up. Ensuring each component is perfectly matched to each other, to help ensure both system stability while boosting overall performance. The components and cases chosen are picked to maximise cooling capability and create the perfect aesthetic that high-end systems should have.
Each system is put together by hand, using the industry's leading hardware brands and components. Put together directly in-house by experienced technicians, who create consistent high-quality PC builds for the most demanding of computing tasks & activities.
Each LCGS gaming system our technicians build is put through stringent, and rigorous quality assurance testing. Each going through a 24hr leak test to check for potential loose fittings or unwanted air bubbles. Both the CPU and the GPU, go through individual benchmarks to test their compatibility and performance output, ensuring everything runs at 100% efficiency.
Utilising Instapak technology, each system is securely placed and supported to ensure the precious components inside of each custom PC is safely packaged for transport. So there is no need to worry about potential leaks or fractures occurring during transit. Just sit back, relax and await your brand new machine to arrive no your doorstep.