Warranty Policies for Pre-Built Systems

Experiencing any issues with any of our Thermaltake Pre-Built Systems? Don't worry, our support team is here to help. Warranty policies for our pre-built system(s) are different from our normal products so always contact our support team if you have any enquiries.

Warranty will be voided for damaged products by making any alterations not performed by Thermaltake System Builders, any non-manufacturing defects, if the item is found to be:

- mishandled, modified, tampered
- abused, physically damaged, improperly installed, and/or used
- damage caused by any third-party personnel or computer shops
- damage caused by power surges, electrical faults, and lightning strikes

Products returned that show evidence of user-induced damage will be denied. This includes but is not limited to:

- overclocking
- cryptocurrency mining
- usage of third-party products/parts; e.g. splitter cables, cable extensions, etc.
- tampering or modifications

Additionally, this can also include improper care of the product, installation of the CPU heatsink, scratches on the motherboard, failure of fan/heatsink, cutting of cables, or the soldering of components.

Thermaltake Australia & New Zealand does NOT cover any software installation issues e.g. drivers or system software updates, for any computer where Thermaltake did not install the software originally.

Thermaltake Australia & New Zealand will NOT be liable in any way for incidental, consequential, or indirect loss resulting from faulty systems or parts. Thermaltake is not responsible for any data loss; backing up of data is the responsibility of the customer. Thermaltake does not provide a backup or data recovery service when sending hard disks for warranty claims. Hard drives sent in for warranty are always replaced with a new/refurbished unit.

Can I submit a warranty claim for a non-Thermaltake part directly with its Manufacturer?

Yes, you may contact the original manufacturers directly for a speedier replacement process. However, having any faulty non-Thermaltake parts replaced by anyone other than Thermaltake Australia & New Zealand's warranty team will have the:

  1. Warranty for that individual part voided
  2. Warranty for the system as a whole voided

Other parts of the system that have not been replaced will still be eligible for warranty services.

Otherwise, get your warranty done by Thermaltake Australia & New Zealand's warranty team to preserve the warranty services for your Gaming/LCGS system.

Submitting an RMA for my Pre-Built System

Always contact Thermaltake Australia's Support Team or authorized retailers before self troubleshooting. Our support team is always ready to give you a hand.

You can send us an email at support@thermaltakehelp.zendesk.com or contact us through the blue Help button at the bottom right of Thermaltake Australia & New Zealand's web page. 

Or if you would prefer to talk to us, please call +61 3 87532442 between 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m Monday - Friday.

If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone / email we will require our techs to physically work on the machine. You will then have one of two options:

1.    Returning the system to a retailer

If you purchased your TT Gaming system through a retailer, you can claim your warranty repair through them. Simply take the system along with the accessories box and all system parts to the retailer you purchased it from, and they will then return the system to us.

2.  Returning it to us directly

You will need to mail it back directly to our warehouse. You will be responsible to organise shipping at your own cost, with appropriate packaging done for the system to ensure its safe arrival to us. We will then organise a free return delivery once the issue has been fixed. 

We strongly recommend the system to be returned in its original packaging, including foam inside and around the PC as per how it was received originally by the customer. If the original packaging is not used, Thermaltake Australia and New Zealand will not be liable for damage to the PC during transit back to our service center and any repairs for transit damage will be at the customer’s expense. Please ensure the system's accessories box containing system parts, is included with your return. A fee may apply if the accessories box is missing or incomplete.

Therefore, we recommend that you keep the original packaging if you would like to return the goods. If you did not retain the original packaging, we strongly recommend utilizing proper packing methods (i.e., bubble wrap, foam etc) to ensure safe arrival. We also advocate looking into postal insurance with your postal provider in the event of your parcel getting damaged in transit.

Once the system arrives at Thermaltake Australia & New Zealand, diagnosis will typically take within 48 hours (1-2 business days) - we will let you know the expected time frame for any repairs or replacement parts.